Well-being is a way of living that balances and integrates all of the human dimensions that make us whole: social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical. It’s pursuing a balance of these dimensions that breeds a sense of well-being. However, health and disease tend to dominate our daily intentions giving the physical dimension more prominence, which means we are less balanced and therefore less well.

We check our weight, calories, fats and sugar grams and when we go to the doctor we check our cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. We invest in foods, products and medications to maintain our physical health while sometimes ignoring our social, emotional and spiritual health. We must “know our numbers” after all.
Our physical health is certainly an honorable pursuit but the problem arises when our health and disease status dominates our daily life and conversations. It’s really quite boring to be anticipating a fine meal when people around you start analyzing the menu based on fat and calories. You momentarily reconsider your choice so you won’t be ridiculed for indulging. We shame others and ourselves all in the name of good health.

To have a greater sense of wellness we need to shift our attention to the other human dimensions. Positive emotions, healthy social relationships, intellectual stimulation and a keen sense of purpose are keys to our well-being and can influence our physical health. Research shows that positive people have fewer colds, doing volunteer work lowers cholesterol and keeping a gratitude journal will help one sleep better and exercise more. Cultivating and nourishing each of the human dimensions brings vitality, joy and meaning to our lives. If we allow our physical health to dominate our daily thinking then we are living just to avoid disease or so it seems. That is not living holistically.

The same can be said for the way we conduct business. It’s critical to know your “numbers” for business success, but we can’t let it consume our way of doing business. “The numbers”, your balance sheet, equity, debt, and income statement tell part of the story. It’s customer and employee relations, a passionate commitment to your company’s vision and your personal insights that influence the numbers. As a soul proprietor you know this. Seek a balance of all the dimensions that makes you and your business whole then you and your company will thrive.