About Charlotte

Charlotte Henley is an author, trainer, speaker and formerly a college professor. Her areas of expertise are well-being, health promotion, community and team building, leadership and active learning.

Charlotte lived in Canada for many years and during that time she worked as a Community Animator, using social marketing to increase physical activity among Canadians. When she moved to South Dakota she taught at Huron University and became an active member of the community serving on many local committees and the Chamber of Commerce. She is a certified WellCoach® and True Colors© Facilitator.

Charlotte is an author of a book called Whole Weigh: How to Quit Dieting and Start Living a Healthy and Whole Life. In the book she uses the principles of True Colors, the topic of her speech today, to help readers understand their preferred way of approaching healthy living.

She is a wife and mother of two adult sons, one who was Chris on Gilmore Girls. Her personal motto is Think Good Thoughts. One of her primary personality traits is her enthusiasm, something you will discover during her presentation.